We’ve scrapped transaction fees, payments are free with Trilo, Check it out!

Supercharge your business

We're giving high street businesses the tools to increase their sales, improve their customer experience, and leave cards behind.

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Zero fees
Rich insights
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Increased sales
Faster shopping
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Immediate settlement
Say goodbye to transaction fees
Unlock revenue to invest in your business
We’ve scrapped transaction fees entirely, so you keep every penny you earn and grow your business. Saving £600 on average each month.
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Increase your sales
Reward and retain your customers
With Trilo you’re able to reward, engage and retain your customer when they’re in store and out and about. All in one platform.
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Identify customer habits
Learn customer habits at a glance
Discover what products you customers like most, and how to improve their experience and identify market trends to help scale your business fast!
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Slash your queues
Increase your footfall with no queues
And hello to the fastest shopping experience you’ll ever experience. Using Trilo your customers shop and pay from anywhere in the shop. So your team can do what they do best, focusing on your customers.
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Accelerate your cashflow
Get paid in seconds, deploy immediately
Using Trilo you’ll receive your money immediately, and with no transaction fees. Accelerating your cashflow so you can invest more and grow your business.
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Step one
Your customer scans your QR code on their phone with no app needed
Step two
Your customer taps pay, and securely authorises with their bank app
Step three
You receive a notification you've been paid, and give your customer a Boost
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