How does Trilo work?

Trilo allows you to pay businesses directly from your bank account, just like a bank transfer when you send money to a friend for the drinks last week.

How come I earn 1% Cashback?

Unlike when you pay with card, there are no middlemen involved. When you pay at a merchant, they pay you 1% as a reward for shopping with them, couldn’t be more simple :D.

Wait so banks make money off me when I pay by card?

Yep, banks and card schemes take a cut of everything you spend, making millions each year. They also hold these funds for days, meaning that the business owner isn’t paid immediately, and can’t put the money to good use!

How are you different?

We don’t take any cut from what you spend, and send the funds directly to the business that you pay. The business gets paid quickly, pays less, and you earn cashback!

When do I receive my cashback?

We send you the cashback you’ve earned at the end of each week, to make sure that your bank account isn’t cluttered with lots of different rewards.

Sounds awesome, how do I join?

Great to hear, we are finalising everything at the moment, but we should be live soon. Click here to sign up as an early bird, and be the first to join!

Any other questions?

Get in contact with us by emailing team@trilo.io and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. If you’d like to find out more let us know.