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How do I pay with Trilo?

We've made paying with your Trilo account as easy as possible. Simply tap pay if you're using an app, or open up your camera and scan a QR code if you're in a shop or browsing on your computer.

How do I join?

If you haven't joined yet, you can join in seconds here. Even better, if you're shopping with one of our merchants you'll create your account in a tap on your phone.

Do you use debit or credit cards?

Nope. Trilo is entirely card free, all you do is connect your bank account and pay. We'll never ask for your card information, and you connect your account securely with Open Banking.

Are my payments protected?

Of course they are, if there's ever an issue with a payment, then get in touch and we'll work with and the business who you paid to fix issues that arise. We'll also be able to work with your bank if needed.