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How are your fees so low?
We use Open Banking to power our payments, with this we can cut out all of the expensive middle men, and never touch the old card payments infrastructure. Giving you the best, most cost efficient platform possible
How come our money arrives so quickly?
Whenever your customer pays you, your money is sent directly to your bank using Faster Payments rails, this usually takes a few minutes, but can take a couple of hours.
You mentioned Open Banking, what's that?
Open Banking is an incredible set of regulations that the UK and European Governments have brought in. It allows us to give you a much more cost efficient method of payment than ever before, by cutting out all cards and middlemen.
No cards, does that also mean no acquirers or payment gateways?
You hit the nail on the head there. With Trilo you don't need an acquirer or payment gateway, or anyone else involved, so you can unlock even more revenue and use it to grow.
How do I invest in my customers?
It couldn't be easier, with Trilo whenever your customer buys something from you, you invest back into them. Investing 1% cashback in your customers enhances their experience giving them more reason to shop with you again.
How do I set up a Trilo account for my business?
To set up a Trilo account for your business simply join now by going to the business page and signing up or even quicker go here:
Cashback, can I get that?
Yep, whenever you shop with Trilo you'll earn cashback instantly at any of our shops. It's given to you so fast it comes off the amount that you spend in the shop.