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How are your fees so low?
Trilo uses Open Banking. The money goes from your customer straight to your bank, and there are no middlemen taking a cut.
How long does it take for our money to arrive?
The payment is sent immediately, with confirmation coming to you instantly. Payments are sent using Faster Payments so times can vary up to two hours, but typically within 5 minutes.
You mentioned Open Banking, what's that?
Open Banking is an incredible set of regulations that the UK and European Governments have brought in. These regulations require banks to allow us to initiate user-authorised Faster Payments between bank accounts.
No cards, does that also mean no acquirers or payment gateways?
You hit the nail on the head there. With Trilo you don't need an acquirer or payment gateway, or anyone else for that matter, simply sign up and start using Trilo in minutes.
What do you mean by investing in my customer?
When your customer pays you with Trilo, you'll invest 1% cashback in them, in the form of a discount at point of sale. This forms the consumer offering with Trilo, bringing you a community of reliable and loyal users.
How do I set up a Trilo account for my business?
Can I make payments with Trilo as a business?
Of course, all Trilo users can pay, simply enable purchasing on the dashboard.
Cashback, can I get that?
Yep, whenever you shop with Trilo you'll earn cashback instantly at any of our shops. It's given to you so fast it comes off the amount that you spend in the shop.

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