Own Your Payments
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Own Your Payments

Pay quickly and easily, directly from your bank

Earn cashback on all your payments


Cardless Payments

Pay directly from your bank, no hassle, no fuss.

No longer use bits of plastic from the 70’s.

You’re in control and you make money when you pay.

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Fairer For Businesses

Trilo charges local businesses far less, and sends funds much quicker than when you pay by card.

Enabling them to spend more to grow and develop their business.


How Trilo Works

When you pay with Trilo the funds are sent directly from your bank to the business, just like when you send money to a friend.

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You earn 1% cashback on everything you spend with Trilo, which is sent back to you at the end of each week.

It’s that simple


We Currently Support

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We currently support Starling Bank and Monzo, making your experience even more amazing! Join Trilo today!

(more banks coming soon)


Are You A Business?

All our merchant partners receive their funds in minutes, not days.

Pay only 0.1% per transaction, and reward your customers with cashback at the same time

To find out more about Trilo visit our business site or email us.