The simplest way for people to pay people
Leave your wallet at home, and enter a world of rewards whenever you shop. Money off, a beer on the house, or even a tree being planted, there’s so much out there.

Endless rewards whenever you shop

The Trilo Boost transforms the way you shop, rewarding you every time you pay. And with new merchants joining every day, there’s all the more for you.

No more typing or tapping

We're leaving cards for dust. No more entering CVVs, card number, passwords, or billing addresses. Simply pay straight from your bank account and get what you want sooner.

Simply scan and buy

Trilo does more than just help you get the things you love, we’re making shopping easier and safer than ever. Just scan a QR code, and authorise your payment securely from your bank app.

Online or in-store, we've got your back

With Trilo you can easily buy your shopping in the market, while ordering flowers online, and book your taxi back home with one account. And did we mention you get a Boost with every one.

Help more businesses
leave cards behind

Businesses lose thousands by accepting cards, we’ve got rid of transaction fees altogether helping them grow and give you an amazing experience. Let us know who we can help, the cafe on the corner, or your favourite app, we’re ready!

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Helping the planet whenever you pay

Here at Trilo we’re putting our planet first. We’re  planting a tree for every business which joins Trilo, and even when you pay. We’ve partnered with the Eden Reforestation Projects & Make it Wild to plant trees in the UK and around the world.

We're ready, are you?

We’re connected to all of the major banks in the UK. Join now, leave cards behind, and get a Boost whenever you shop. It’s time to change.

Secure and protected

We’re authorised and regulated by the FCA. Whenever you pay your money goes directly to the business. They get their money quickly, with no middlemen involved.

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