We are here for

the lemonade stand in the park,
the thriving cafe on the corner,
the grocer on the side street,
the plumber who keeps us all in check,
the physio who gets us back on track,

🎯 A little about why we're here

Close your eyes and picture a sunny, warm afternoon. You've left your house to go for a stroll around town. There's the hustle and bustle you can't ignore.

The butcher has burgers to die for, and the florist's flowers are buzzing with bees. The pub is bursting with people, and children are running with ice cream across the park.

Or, at least, that's what it should be. Our mission is to Bring Local Back, to make local the core of our community again.

The baker, the hairdresser, and the electrician are at the core of our community. The pub landlord and cafe owner who gave us our first job when we were 13, the fishmonger who remembers our name, and the garage who ensured we could keep up; we are nothing without them.

We started Trilo with one goal: ensure that Local Never Dies. For decades, independent businesses have lost out. Independents do not have the tools they need to connect with their customers, to reward their customers, or to grow their business in the way they know best.

Big retail, big chains, and online have been stealing their customers, targeting and rewarding customers in ways a local business could only dream of.

Together, we are backing local, supporting locals, and growing local. We aren't doing this alone, either. We're working with ambitious independent businesses and locals who believe in change and are ready to act.

In 5 years, our high street will be local, run by locals, for locals again.

We can't do this alone


To do this right, we're bringing together ambitious independent businesses and locals ready to champion change. And we also need to build an all-star team to help us along the way. You know what to do if you're up for these challenges.

Independent Businesses

Are you an ambitious, independent business? Join us to help grow our community and lead the fight.

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Are you a local who wants more than anything to bring back a diverse and independent high street? Join us now!

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We need the best of the best to build Trilo, if you are the one we need, let us know why we have to have you!

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