We're on a mission to make sure that Local Never Dies

We started Trilo with the goal of championing local merchants and giving them the tools they need to compete with the big chains and online. While building the simplest way for people to pay people.

We’re now ready to grow.

Software Engineer
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Our team is epic!

We work hard and play hard. We're a close-knit group that enjoys spending time together both in and out of work. We're ambitious and product-led, always striving to be the best we can be.

Our values, our core

Cross the road to help
We're ready to help each other whenever we can, going against the tide is what we do best 🌊
Assume good intentions
Think well of people, you'll be surprised what comes of it. That's how we change the world 🌍
Be the fool
We're not perfect, no one is. Experimenting, learning and asking questions is how we live and thrive πŸš€
Live fast,
learn hard
We push ourselves to work outside of the box, we welcome mistakes, and embrace change 😎

Outside the Hub

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We're looking for ambitious and creative people to join our Ambassador team! You'll help Trilo thrive in your city by building strategies, growing our userbase, and leading events.