Pay with just a tap, earning cashback on everything.


Sign up once, then pay with a tap. All payments are cardless, earning you cashback whenever you pay.


Instant Cashback

Instant Cashback Tally.png

Earn cashback whenever you pay, and receive it instantly. It is redeemed when you pay, freeing you from months of waiting.


Saving the planet, and your wallet

All payments with Trilo are digital, no plastic or cards are involved. Saving the planet, and your wallet, at the same time.


Payments made simple


One button, no cards

Pay with the tap of a button, no cards are needed. No more rummaging for your wallet or running around the flat to find it, simply sign in and pay.


Cashback and perks

Earn cashback and receive exclusive perks whenever you pay with Trilo, whether it's buying your pizza for the evening or dashing to the shops you'll always get something awesome!