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I initially joined Trilo as I wanted to use their no-payment-fee set up, and to get paid instantly. But really for me, what's turned out the best was their insights. Whenever someone shops now with Trilo I can see what they've bought before, it's right there in front of me! I've got rid of a pile of notes, and made my life and my team's so much easier. I haven’t used anything like this before, and I couldn’t recommend it to other small business owners enough!

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Get paid in store, at the market, and on the move

Use your phone or tablet to get paid by your customers no matter what. Send an invoice, share a link or pop up a QR, and you'll receive your money directly to your bank in seconds.

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Build relationships with your customers and grow your sales

Build strong relationships with your regulars, convert and retain new customers. With Trilo, you can see what your customers have bought before and what their favourite is - helping your new team strike up a conversation sooner.

See what their favourite item is, how often they shop and more
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Simplify your team’s life and cut down on admin

Managing and tracking stock can take time and be challenging; we’ve built a simple system for your team to see what’s needed in the following order and the top-performing products.

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Increase your margins with no transaction fees

When your customer pays you with Trilo, you’ll keep 100% of your earnings. That means no transaction fees, absolutely zero. This is possible because we use a new system of payments and, in effect, automate bank transfers.

Our revenue comes from a subscription, not transaction fees. So you keep 100% of what you earn 😀
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