Vlog #29 - Do the unscalable to get scalable

September 6, 2023

Sometimes you have to be unscalable to get scalable 🤔.

For the last few months, we’ve been growing fast through universities, building cohorts of students in each city we’ve launched. It’s been amazing learning what’s needed to scale there and grow, and we’ve built a powerful product, and now we’re moving onto the next stage.

Now we’re launching to high street merchants, giving them the tools that Starbucks, Tescos and other big retail has to attract and retain their customers. We’ve been able to build a great product over the last 6 months with students and clubs, and now it’s time to get our hands dirty and learn what’s needed to perfect our merchant’s offering.

It’s time to say goodbye to cards, their fees, and painful payment delays, and say hello to simple rewards, rich customer and item-linked insights, and topping it off free payments 😳!