What are loyalty schemes? (1/2)

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September 6, 2023

If you're like me, you love getting something back for the stuff you buy, right? That's why I've been a fan of loyalty schemes for as long as I can remember. These programs reward you for being a loyal customer and can come in many forms, like points for every purchase, special discounts, or early access to sales - everything from cashback to free coffees and random rewards through the post.

Loyalty schemes 101 for saving money

For so many years I’ve been using loyalty schemes and reward cards wherever I can, and wow they’re awesome! And there’s nothing better than getting something back for shopping and just doing what you want - especially as a student, this was a massive deal. All the online hacks you could find on how to make the most of loyalty schemes.

I've been using loyalty schemes for years now and let me tell you, they're awesome! Not only do I get rewards for things I was already going to buy, but I also get access to exclusive deals and promotions. For example, I've got a loyalty card for my local coffee shop and every time I buy a coffee, I get a stamp. Once I fill up the card, I get a free coffee! It's such a small reward, but it makes me feel appreciated as a customer and I love supporting my local shop.

Another example is the loyalty program from my favourite clothing store. I get points for every purchase I make and I can redeem them for discounts on future purchases. It's a win-win situation for me, I get to buy the clothes I love and save some money at the same time.

Loyalty schemes are also a great marketing tool for businesses. By keeping track of customer purchases and behaviours, companies can personalsze their marketing strategies and offer targeted promotions and rewards to retain their customers.

In conclusion, loyalty schemes are a fantastic way to show appreciation to customers, while also giving businesses a valuable tool to keep their customers engaged and coming back for more. So, if you haven't already, join some loyalty schemes today and start reaping the rewards!

How do loyalty schemes save me money?

So, how do loyalty schemes work?

In essence, they are designed to keep customers coming back by rewarding them for their purchases. Most loyalty programs work by assigning points or credits to customers based on the amount they spend. These points can then be redeemed for rewards, discounts, or special perks.

For example, let's say you sign up for a loyalty program at your favourite fast food chain. Every time you make a purchase, you earn points based on the total cost of your meal. Once you've earned enough points, you can redeem them for a free burger or fries. Simple, right?

Loyalty schemes can also work by offering exclusive discounts and promotions to customers. For instance, imagine a clothing store that offers a 10% discount to customers who sign up for their loyalty program. This can add up to big savings over time, especially if you're a frequent shopper.

Another way that loyalty schemes can save you money is by offering special deals and promotions. For example, let's say you have a loyalty card with your local movie theatre. From time to time, the theatre might offer a buy-one-get-one-free deal for loyal customers. That's a great way to save money on something you were already planning to do.

So, not only do loyalty schemes reward you for the things you were already going to buy, but they can also save you money in the long run by offering discounts, promotions, and special deals. That's why they're such a great way to make the most of your hard-earned cash!

Top tips for best loyalty scheme offers

I've got some insider tips on getting the best loyalty offers. You ready?

  1. Ask, ask, ask:  If you're shopping at a small business, like your local coffee shop, ask if they have any loyalty program. They might not have a formal one, but they might still be willing to hook you up with a discount or special deal.
  2. Play the negotiation game: If you're a regular customer at a small business, try negotiating a sweet deal or discount. Trust me, it works!
  3. Sign up for multiple loyalty programs: The more programs you join, the more rewards and discounts you can score. Just make sure to keep track of everything so you don't miss out on any perks.
  4. Shop smart: When you're shopping at a store with a loyalty program, think about what you want to buy and what rewards you want to earn. You might find that it's worth buying a certain item to get the rewards or discounts you want.
  5. Keep an eye out for promotions: Many loyalty programs offer special promotions from time to time. Keep checking your email or the business's website so you don't miss out on any sweet deals.

These tips are my secret weapons, and they've helped me save a ton of money. So, put these tips into action and start racking up those rewards!