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When you start taking payments with Trilo, you’ll never pay transaction fees again and receive your money in seconds. Yep, you read that right. There are no transaction fees with Trilo, and payments arrive in your bank in seconds directly from your customer.

🐣 Starter

The basics if you’ve found your spot and are ready to grow.


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Get your money in seconds, and don’t pay any transaction fees.

Process up to £5k revenue per month, in person or remote.

1 team member and 1 location included, perfect if you're just starting out.

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🔥 Unlimited

Start expanding, and get unlimited payments from multiple locations


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Everything in Team, plus...

Make your team’s life a breeze, simplifying stock & queues.

You’ll have unlimited payments, with no cap what so ever!

2 team members and 2 locations included, perfect if you’re a rocket ship.

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🙋‍♂️ Icebreaker


A photo of the Icebreaker feature

Help your team break the ice, and turn every customer into a regular.


See what your customer has bought before, whether they shop yesterday or a year ago.


Help your team strike up a conversation with their customers improving their experience.

😊 Customers & Newsletters


A photo of the Customer Log

Build relationships and connect with your customers over time.


Reach out to your loyal customers with newsletters and other marketing opportunities.


See who your regulars are, tailor rewards to bring them back, and help your team connect.

🧮 POS Till & Products


A photo of the Till widget

Simplify your team’s lives when they’re selling to customers, and taking stock.


Sell and track sales item by item, so your team can stock take easily and quickly.


Send customers digitised receipts by email with no extra admin.


Use a POS system which is hardware free and runs on your existing tech.

🔗 Payment Links


A photo of payment links

Send links and get paid by customers who aren’t there in person.


Send links via Whatsapp, Email or SMS.


Get paid quickly and make your customers lives easier with one-click payments.


Track all of your payments in one place, and no longer trawl through bank statements.

📈 Data & Insights

Coming soon


A photo of insights and data

Open up new revenue streams and spot opportunities with rich insights.


Spot shopping habits at a glance, identifying what your best performing products are.


Blend product, customer, and time insights into on to drive sales at non-peak hours.


Build unique tailored rewards with a click.

🎁 Loyalty & Rewards

Coming soon


A photo of Products and the POS

Build loyalty with your customers with a streamlined shopping experience


Simplify your customer’s and team’s life with payments and loyalty in one place.


Give rewards based on the number of visits, items bought or something unique.

No need for extra apps or paper stamp card

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